Rubén Martínez
Welcome to my portfolio site: a collection of my favorite work in graphic design and art direction, my favorite photos that I've taken for professional work or while traveling, and some of the 3D pieces that I'm most proud of, both for for commercial work or just for fun.
I graduated in Graphic Design in Spain, followed by a move to San Francisco to pursue an MFA in 3D modeling. During my grad school years in the U.S. I continued working in advertising as an art director and 3D artist. I also developed a passion for photography that led me to travel throughout Asia and eventually settling in Vietnam.
After a few more years in the word of advertising my career took an exciting turn to embark in a new entrepreneurial project: opening Tê Tê Brewing, a craft brewery established in Saigon, where I took all product design and marketing responsibilities amongst other things for almost 6 years. At the moment I’m back in advertising, serving as a Senior Art Director at Shuttlerock Vietnam, where I have been leading creative initiatives since 2021. We produce video ads and interactive experiences for multiple social media platforms, with my job focusing on 3D, augmented reality, and AI projects.
I hope you enjoy my work. If you want to ask me about work, any questions or just say hello, don't hesitate in reaching out to me.