When the client approached us, Broma had been open for a bit less than three months. The bar was still in its inception and they needed a brand. The mission was to take over the nightlife scene in Saigon and become the place to be.

Broma means “joke” or “prank” in Spanish. They wanted Broma to have a bit of a mysterious feel, a fun touch but staying sophisticate and interesting. The owners insisted in adding the “Not a bar” tagline, just to play with their audience.

After a few other proposals, the founders of Broma loved the idea of the jester mask. We created a brand and a consistent design language across multiple applications like menus, posters and online marketing material. The brand grew in recognition quickly and the audience of the bar with it  until it became the best known bar in Saigon.

The partnership with Broma continued throughout time and since then we have created new merchandising material, multiple posters and events, photography for social media and multiple iterations of their menu. The brand is so well stablished in Saigon that some marketing materials don’t even include the name in the logo and it’s still widely recognized. 

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