Full Metal Quartet was my thesis project when I got my MFA in Modeling (specialized in organic modeling) at the Academy of Art. The brief was to create a group of characters that would fit one same world. 

Since I played the original Warcraft when I was a kid, I've been in love with Bizzard's art style, so I decided to pick my favorite characters, the Goblin Demolition Squad, and create my own version. I was looking for a cross between the A-Team and the Demolition Squad, all set in the environment of the Vietnam War with Jefferson's Airplane playing in the background.

The Full Metal Quartet is a group of freelance fighters. They don't take sides and they prefer to surf and fly around in their chopper rather than engaging in battle.

I sketched many iterations of the characters. I gave them names and created their personalities, then the small details were easy to imagine. The base mesh was made in Maya then exported into ZBrush for the high res modeling.

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